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Vandervord Family
Place - Essex
Profession - Bargee
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This is the oldest generation to have been conclusively researched - three brothers and a sister of unknown parentage, but it is only Abraham's line that we follow for the moment

John a man of some substance who farmed on Canvey Island
Thomas - who had at least four children
Abraham who lived in Leigh in the dwelling backing onto the shore. He is mentioned in landing charges in 1727 and it was he who bought the barge "Mary and Elizabeth" in 1744. After four marriages he sired his only surviving son when he was 70 years old
Mary - married William Stanes and had at least six children

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Born 1674
Married 6 Nov 1698 - Susannah Jacobson
Buried 28 Dec 1737 - St Mary's Benfleet
Click for family tree Born 1689
1) 1713 - Sarah Woodward
2) 17 April 1721 - Ann Clows
3) 14 August 1729 - Mary Ormerod
4 ) 25 March 1756 -Jane Hunwicks
Buried 7 April 1765 - St. Clement's, Lea-on-Sea
Married Sarah
Buried 2 April 1766
Married 15 June 1696 - William Stanes
Buiried 15 June 1696 in Foulness
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