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The children painted pictures on the wall outside

Pauline and her friends, Mary and Lil ran a Youth Clubs at the 'old' St Georges Hall every night from Monday to Friday and had children of all ages attend. Some Friday nights they even had up to 100 kids at the disco! The club didn't have all the things that it does nowadays, but nonetheless they had a really good time. Pauline got a disco unit off the club book and the entrance fees slowly paid it off. The club had a lot of help from students from the nearby universities, especially student teachers. The children used to play with paint and cardboard. Pauline said it was surprising what they done with it. One year there was a pageant on the estate of all the years gone by. The Youth Club chose to do the 'prehistoric years' and made trees out of cardboard and dressed as cavemen. Pauline reminisced that the float looked really good!

The children also used to go over the nearby park and build camps to play in which was great fun. During the summer the Youth Club opened every day for the playscheme. They got a grant from Intermediate Treatment which paid for a worker and they used to go swimming, horseriding, to Butlins and Chessington. The club even went camping on the Isle of White and at Littlehampton. Another interesting activity that the club did was to take and develop their own photographs. A photography student shared his knowledge with the kids and they shot their own pictures and developed them in the dark cleaning cupboard. Below is a photo the children produced themselves, of themselves taking photo's!


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Youth club

Some of the Youth Club

The Subway

Jackie shared memories of when the subway along Lewes Road was built. Originally there was only one lane of traffic. Then they built two lanes of traffic and an island down the middle which meant a crossing of some sort needed to be added. The council consulted with the public and it was agreed that a subway would be the best option. Jackie remembers one particular episode which caused a lot of amusement. One summer's day the workmen burst a watermain. The whole of Newick Road was without water. At first people were annoyed but then they saw the funny side of it. Water gushed out of the Lewes Road and children had fun playing in it! The subway had a 'face lift' last year. The NMPG and the council formed a service agreement to improve and maintain the subway. You can see some photographs of the opening and of the muriels children painted on the walls in the photo gallery.

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