Introducing The Course | What We Learnt | What We Worked On
The Way We Learnt
There are a lot of elements that make up a course and they can all make a difference to learning. Here are some that made a difference to ours:

This is not a 6 hands on one mouse affair. In the technology centre, everyone has their own computer and can work at their own pace. There's a lot to get through but excess pressure to keep up is avoided, so even techno-infants can cope.


Group Ethos
This is one multimedia course on which it's fine to ask stupid questions. Nerd elitism is kept under control and gender isn't an issue until the washing up. Cooperation and sociability are encouraged, so when there's a food break - we share ....


And Now To Finnish
Never heard of Joensuu? Never eaten traditional Finnish salty pies? On the course you don't just learn about E-mail, mailing lists and chat rooms, you take part in international E-mail conferences. At the last count the UK, Finland and Australia took part, but they're growing all the time.