Images of Brighton

This is a photo taken at the Sunday Market a couple of weekends ago. The Sunday Market can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but this week it was fantastic because it was gorgeous weather and there were tons of stalls. It has a mixture of stalls, some that are there every week and others that are different every week, run by people who just turn up and sell, like at a car-boot sale. I went with my boyfriend who always heads for the watch stand. He's got so many watches that he needs arms like a gorilla to wear them all. I bought these boots there that week for ten pounds - so there's lots of bargains to be had.
This photo shows the Pumpkin House in Slindon which is in West Sussex. I went across there to get some pumpkins for a Halloween evening that we were having. It's owned by a mad old man and lady who dedicate their lives to growing all sorts of different pumpkins and squashes and things like that. One of the nice things about living in Brighton is that, as well as being close to the sea, you're close to rural areas with strange pagan traditions, like Lewes with their Bonfire Society Fireworks or the Pumpkin House at Slindon and many other pockets of eccentricity very close by. I actually cooked the pumpkin into a soup and had a small Halloween 'Do', with indoor fireworks and spooky movies.

This photo was taken on an unseasonably sunny day. My boyfriend and I decided to walk up to a brilliant Italian Ice-cream place called "Maroccos" on the other side of Hove. I'm weight - watching at the moment so I'm allowed to eat only a certain number of points each day but a brisk half hour walk earns an extra 3 points, which is just enough for a fantastic Italian ice-cream and we ate these ones sitting on the beach. It's lovely living in Brighton becaue you're by the sea all year round so if you have an unseasonably sunny day you've got ice-cream and the beach on hand to go and enjoy.

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