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A stroll along Hove seafront.........

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Starting from the Peace Statue and heading west, the Meeting Place outdoor cafe is the first refreshment stop. Wisely shrouded in windbreaks to provide shelter against the strong sea-breezes, it's a popular spot. Meeting Place Cafe (34Kb)

Marrocco's Cafe (34KB)
Ahem, well we seem to have found ourselves outside yet another cafe - Marrocco's - but don't be fooled - it must be at least half a mile from the Meeting Place...
In case you didn't fill up at the last two rest stops, too bad, the cups here are too unwieldy to manage! 

This is in the King Alfred Amusement Park which has rides suitable for small children (and a kiosk selling snacks!). It's pleasantly sombre out of season.

Giant Tea-cup (32KB)

Swimming pool tubes (34KB)
Coiled around the side of the King Alfred Leisure Centre are these tubes - a helter skelter for swimmers. You can just make out their forms through the fibre-glass walls and you can definitely hear the shrieks. In the winter when people whoosh past it's bizarre to think that there is only the thin tubing between them and the freezing weather!


Fresh fish for sale! The people selling the fish can tell you where each type was caught and they clean it for you right there. There's usually a few interested sea gulls not far off. Fish stall (31KB)
Sackville Hotel (42KB)

The Sackville Hotel - the wonderful colour makes it look quite edible.... never mind there are a number of cafes not far off. One is by Hove  Lagoon - a favoured spot for wind-surfing and sailing model boats. 
This is the building where Hove anglers can rest up and compare fishy tall-tales. We've now reached the end of the promenade (which stretches east past the Peace statue as far as the Palce Pier and beyod to Marina Village). However, we can step across to the road and keep going west for a while.  Hove angler's club building (32KB)


This is the harbour by Portslade-by-Sea. It's an industrial area- a bit grim sometimes. But there are lovely spots like this with the colourful fishing nets in the foreground. The harbour along Portslade-by-Sea (32KB)


Portslade power-station chimney The road bends round and further away from the harbour. As it straightens out the horizon is dominated by this last remaining chimney from the old Shoreham power Station. 

Just past the chimney is another rest stop - Carrot's Cafe. The beach long by here is accessed down a flight of stairs and the tall break waters divide the beach up into narrow little sections. 

The walk dwindles out around here. There's a large constructed breakwater made from chunks of concrete which juts out into the channel and you can walk on top of it. Then it's either swim to France or turn round and come back.