"I took this photo in Hannington's store.  There
  were beautiful Christmas trees, and  I could not
  help taking the photo, although it was quite
  crowded.  They were decorated so well-all the
  angels, and all beautiful colours!  I think it can
  be art, decorating Christmas trees, 
   I have never done it  in my life."
"This photo is taken near the West pier.  Usually Brighton is brilliant for sport like cycling, playing football.  This is actually in  October.  It is very unusual playing football in this time of the year because it should be raining.  From the background of the picture, we can see West pier which is still a little shabby.  Hopefully in the future it will be nice and decorated and will be used for art  but not just entertainment like lots of games shops. I hope there will be nice restaurants, theatre or art centres."    
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