Local reporter: Jack Latimer
A week in my life

Tuesday morning; 27th October, 1997
A meeting about the Royal Pavilion
    "I'm part of a team making a multimedia project about the Brighton Pavilion.  On the left of the photo you have John Roles, the curator of local history at the museum;  on the right you have Jackie Frisbee, who specialises in social history. We're looking at plans of the Pavilion, trying to work out how we can group material for the programme around those plans.   One of the interesting things about the Pavilion is how much we take it for granted.  Foreign tourists think: "What on earth is that extraordinary building doing in the middle of Brighton?"

Thursday morning; 29th October, 1997
'Penny for the Guy!'
"On 5th November,  many, many years ago, a man called Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the houses of parliament.  Nowadays, people light a big bonfire on 5th November and burn a representation of Guy Fawkes on the fire.   Before 5th November, children  take the Guy that they've made round the streets and collect money, shouting "A penny for the Guy!".

Thursday afternoon; 29th October, 1997
A New Recycling Project
"The part of Brighton where I live, Hanover, is quite an  environmentally aware, left wing little area.  An organisation called Magpie have started a scheme whereby you pay £1 a week, and once a week they’ll come and collect your old newspapers and bottles for you.  My house is full of bottles and newspapers that I dutifully collect but never manage to take out of the house - so the box caught my eye!"

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