Kate Williams:  Images from my life
Lewes Bonfire  

Every year on 5th November, there are processions, bonfires and fireworks all over Britain.  This is in honour of Guy Fawkes, a historical figure famous for having attempted to blow up the houses of parliament.  The tradition is that people burn effigies of Guy Fawkes, and any other people they see as villains of our time.  Lewes, a small town near Brighton, takes its Bonfire Night particularly seriously.  Thousands of people crowd its narrow streets to see all the burning torches and costumes of the Bonfire Societies, who compete with each other over the size of their fires and firework displays at the end of the night. 
The photo was kindly given to me by The Sussex Express.

The Beach 

This is a picture taken on the sea-front.  I am sitting on the beach with my partner Dan and my friend Siranda from Australia.  We are having a beer that we bought in a pub behind.  I love to go down on the beach, it's one of the reason I like to be here in Brighton, but I particularly like going down to the sea-front when I feel like it belongs to the Brighton people.  In the summer and on Bank holidays, the town is absolutely swarming with visitors and I tend to stay away from the sea-front, but then on spring and autumn sunny afternoons, and even in the in the winter for a walk, you feel like you can reclaim it again.  It belongs to the people of Brighton again.  So I like it then.


I seem to be invited to endless weddings at the moment. I have no idea why; it could be my age!  I enjoy their different atmospheres and moods.  Even though they have all the same kind of structure, each wedding has a different style.  You can see that from these two photos.  Here I am the Best Woman for my friend Louise when she and Torquil got married.  You can also see Torquil's Best Man David in the photograph.  It was really nice to be part of the central wedding party.  They are Brighton people but they were married in the West Country in an old watermill. 

And More Weddings.... 

This other one is an old friend of mine, Elaine.  We were best friends in school.  She's getting married to Pete in a Church in Bosham, the village where she was born and brought up.  They went for a more traditional church wedding with a white dress and bridesmaids. 
Both couples went for a style that suited them. 

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