This is a picture of me on the sea-front, sleeping on a deck-chair.   What I really like about Brighton is being able to walk along the sea-front and enjoy the fresh air and the sun  - when it appears!  Itís much more informal than in France:  people are not here to pose, theyíre just here to take the sun.  At one time you could enjoy watching people playing drums.   I donít really like all the fish-and-chip shops on the sea-front - theyíre quite smelly, so it spoils the atmosphere a little bit!  But thatís just a detail reallyÖ   

This is me again and Keith relaxing after having a nice walk.  Thatís another very nice thing about living in Brighton.  You have the chance to be close to nature, and go walking, and be by yourselves - you know, not part of the crowd!  
It was a few years ago and itís in Sussex - not in Brighton, but in Steyning. This is another part of our cultural life - going to the pub and enjoying a few beers.  I really like country pubs.  They have a nice atmosphere.  Iím still more-or-less a tourist, I guess.  Iím still attracted by all the things that represent real, rural England..  
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