The Community Centre

Ok, not strictly a pub, but they do have a beer festival once a year. 

One of the festival sponsors is local estate agent Barry Alderton (Speaking on The Line, a local cable TV show): 

'The Community Centre is important because it provides, if you like, a heart to the area. If youíve got a Community Centre people then use it. It has a sense of Community and certainly with the beer festival thatís coming now itís a great evening. Iíve been supporting the beer festival for the last four or five years and itís a terrific evening. The nice thing is that mainly local people, but they also bring their friends. Itís an evening when the place is crowded, everyone has too much to drink, itís a smashing atmosphere, thereís never been any trouble, I think that says a lot for the area itself.' 

Go to The Hanover Community Association Web Site! 

The beer festival and other fundraising events are vital to pay the rent that needs to be paid to Brighton Council and also because age and the wear and tear that comes from constant use is taking its toll on the building. (The building was originally a Victorian school.) 

The Community Centre
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