This is where I live . . . 

Hanover is on the east side of Brighton. It's a densely populated area, consisting mostly of small terraces which were mostly built in the 1860s to cope with the population explosion in caused by the building of the railway (to accomodate the workers from the Train and Carriage works). 

I don't know of any railway workers who live here now . . . but there seems to be above average numbers of teachers, social workers, musicians and students. Perhaps this is why the area has earned the reputation of being the 'muesli belt' of Brighton and the 'Peoples Republic of Hanover'. Whatever, this area definitely has its own sense of identity and a sense of community not often found in big towns.  

It could be to do with the fact that the area is perched on a a very steep hill (you don't want to leave because then you have to walk up the hill to get home!), it could be due tobecause of the lively and well-used Community Centre,  it could also be because of the large number of pubs in the area.  

There's at least 15 pubs within five minutes walking distance of my house. . .  

More views of Hanover 

Southover Street
Thanks to Iain Scarborough for most of the photos!