ANDY  MCLYNN - Interview  

Why did you choose to study in Brighton?  
I had been living and working in Brighton for a couple of years before applying to University, and decided that I would prefer to stay here, as I couldn't think of a nicer place to study. 

What was the best thing about the Illustration course? 
The best thing was that it emphasised drawing, which suited me as it was that which I was interested in. 

What were the best moments in the three years you studied?  
Finishing, if only for the look on everyones face when it was all over. 

What did you expect would happen once you'd finished the course? 
That I'd be inundated with offers of work and that I'd have to barricade my door to keep the agents and art directors off my back. 

What are you doing now? What are the problems involved in being an illustrator?  
I am working as a Christmas extra at the post office. I've had a couple of newspaper commissions and I've got a childrens book to illustrate in the new year, I've also been doing some theatre props (in Japan) so work is pretty varied. The main problem in being an illustrator is generating enough work really, and being proffessional after three years as a student. 

What do you think was your best piece? 
The best bit was a drawing of a cat that I did as part of a series of drawings  for 'The Master and Margharita' which I used for my degree show, blown up onto an A1 sheet, which got the most comments and is the first piece in my folder. 

Life after graduating in Brighton?  
Getting pissed in the same bars I frequented as a student with the core posse from illustration.

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