labour politics

Perhaps surprisingly given his committment toenvironmental issues , Rob has never belonged to the Green Party though he did, for a short while, belong to its predessor, The Ecology Party.

I was a member of the Ecology Party at the beginning because of the environmental side and because of the cynicism about politics which is gradually seeping over me again. It was in fact a member of the Socialist Workers Party, a lab technician at Brighton Polytechnic. It was in discussions with him, when preparing sessions to pilot test environmental teaching materials in schools, that he eventually convinced me that you'd get the environment right only under a Labour Government. I'm not sure he was right, but I think he was more right than wrong.




Rob stood as a Labour Councillor at the last local council elections. However, the Round Hill area had just become part of St Peters and North Laine with ward boundary changes and the ward returned three Green Party representatives.