The Project



This web site is the culmination of a two year University of Sussex (CCE) Certificate in Life History Work.

I interviewed two people in early 2004 on a range of topics related to their memories of living in Brighton in the early 1980s. Both Marigold and Rob currently live in the Round Hill area of Brighton; Rob moved into the area in Spring 1983 and Marigold, later, in 1992 (though she lived in Preston Drove, off the Fiveways during the 1980s).

I had just finished working on a community history book of the Round Hill area entitled: Rosehill to Roundhill (with a group of others) and whilst up to 1945 was well covered, there was little mention of more recent history.I felt this gap also applied in accounts of Brighton's history as a town

I didn't know either person well enough to anticipate what their stories would include; as it turned out, there are interesting patterns, and one of the strengths of a web site is the facility to enable direct connections between common themes within the two stories.

The questions I chose to ask when interviewing Marigold and Rob were influenced by my own perspective - as a Brightonian living away from Brighton during most of the 1970s and 1980s, only returning in 1988.

If you would like to add any comments to the stories told here, or have stories of what living in Brighton during the 1980s was like for you, please join in and use Your Story

What’s changed for the better between then and now?

My list would include

Brighton Seafront improvements over the past 10 years
(notwithstanding the decline of the West Pier)

The vastly improved local bus service

The refurbished Dome

The new library – for once, a striking new building for Brighton

Embassy Court currently being transformed externally (2005). Their web site details progress, and guided tours inside

view towards West Pier from Boardwalk cafe - one of many new eating places on the lower promenade