wildlife spaces

Back in the 80s I was involved from the beginning but not a prime mover in the establishment of Brighton Urban Wildlife group and that led to quite a lot of adopting spaces.

Not only...I mean our own garden has always been run as a habitat rather than anything else, but as a group we were promoting 'Local Friends of" so that there are Friends of Eldred Avenue, ELdred Copse, Friends of Hollingdean Woods, groups of local residents who have taken on some degree of the management and the observation and support of small spaces.I guess that's at least partly 'artistic' - the way people feel about the space they're occupying, so we're involved in that and producing Newsletters and so on which again has an artistic feel, I think

Interestingly, this topic was recalled when I asked Rob about creative expression - hence the orientation/emphasis on artistic

If you are a 'Friend' of one of these (or other) local wildlife spaces, and have photographs and/or stories to add on this theme: please contact
Jan Curry's award-winning wildlife garden can be 'visited' by going to the official Round Hill Conservation area web site and following links to: 'wildlife'