First and foremost: Rob Stephenson and Marigold Rogers
Grateful thanks for agreeing to be interviewed AND providing such rich material, without which the web site would not exist

The recent exhibition at the Women's Library- Iron Ladies: Women in Thatcher's Britain provided a timely focus and reminded me of the importance of badges during the 1980s - for every possible campaign and emotion!

Picture Credits

Brighton Beach and seafromt, 1986
The photograph which appears on every page of the web site. Permission given by 'Royal Pavilion, Libraries and Museums, Brighton and Hove' - photograph is from 'Brighton and Hove in Pictures'

Eagle Pub photograph
Permission given by 'Royal Pavilion, Libraries and Museums, Brighton and Hove'

I have used photographs from the mybrightonandhove web site. These are not owned by the site but used with permission only. I have not been able to contact some of the photographers and therefore credit them, but with apologies for not formally acquiring permission.

Blaker's Park photograph (Marigold's story: Family page)
credited to Jessica (Personal Tour, mybrightonand hove web site)

Bardsleys Fish and Chip Restaurant: Photographer Peter Reynolds from Insider's Guide to Brighton:

Women's Peace camp on the Level
Headline and photograph (and short paragraph) from Evening Argus: February 14th 1983

No CFCs! illustration
grateful thanks to Len Williams

Archival Sources

Peace Calendar 1983
grateful thanks to Penny Kocher

Stop the Rot: Labour's Plan for Brighton (1983)
Brighton History Centre

Bricycles Calendars 1982 and 1983
Potholes Certificate (Friends of the Earth) 1981
both the property of Rob Stephenson


Bluestorm Embassy Court postcard

It's really good being a girl
copyright: Some Girls/Leeds Postcards 1984
Available to buy from the Women's Library, Old Castle Street, London, E1 7NT

Logos - used for a range of badges throughout the site
With thanks to the following:
Friends of the Earth
Living Streets
Magpie Recycling
Mass Observation Archive
Tidy Britain


Smith, R (1991) Underdog: A rather Different History of the town Brighton, Brighton Iconoclast Press