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We've also collected links about the history of Brighton & Hove and Sussex (our local area)
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oral history

Yahoo! - listing for Oral History
A good enough starting-point for getting an idea of the range of oral history sites on the web.

H-Oralhist HOME PAGE
H-Oralhist is a network for scholars and professionals active in studies related to oral history.

Oral History Society Home Page
The UK Oral History Society is a national and international organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of oral history.

The British Library National Sound Archive
One of the largest sound archives in the world. The collections cover the entire range of recorded sound from music, drama and literature to oral history and wildlife sound from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

BBC Education - 20CVox
Twentieth Century Vox provides listeners with a colourful and representative archive of oral history. The clips you find on this site are short montages (4 - 5 minutes long) giving a human perspective on how events and development shaped daily lives

Free Speech Movement: Student Protest - U.C. Berkeley, 1964-65
Searchable transcripts of oral history interviews about the American Free Speech movement.

Journal for MultiMedia History - Volume 2, 1999 Contents Page
Online magazine featuring an award-winning oral history audio 'essay'.

The Whole World Was Watching
An oral history of 1968, a much-linked-to joint project between South Kingstown High School and Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group

Sonic Memorial project
Sound archive commemorating the history of the twin towers and the events of 9/11

Historical Voices
Particularly the The Flint Sit-Down Strike and Studs Terkel: Conversations with America.

Historical Voices Oral History Tutorial
They've so far completed one about Audio Techology - in some places very technical, but very authoritative.

Holocaust Survivors
Survivor stories and photographs

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 community history

Century Road - BBC Education
Extracts from the BBC programme that interviewed people who lived in streets called Century Roads up and down the UK. Includes 'how to do oral history' information and an interview with Steve Thompson of Wolf FM, a community radio station featuring oral ihstory.

Australia Street
In their words: Scattered across the cities, suburbs and towns of Australia are streets named Australia Street. The Australia Street Archive is a snapshot taken in 1994-5 of a small number of homes in these streets, and the people who made them.

Highfields Remembered
Reminiscences and oral history from people who lived in Highfields, in Leicester, UK, over the last eighty years. Highfields has been home to possibly a wider range of cultures than any other area of Leicester.

Open University Family and Community History Home Page
Home page of the O.U. course for active or would-be researchers in Family and Community History.

Center for Documentary Studies
This is an independent nonprofit organization affiliated with Duke University in the USA. Documentarians - beginners and professionals, young and old - who work with the Center use photography, oral history, film, and narrative writing to bring to light stories of lives and events that they find relevant to larger community, historical, and cultural questions and themes.

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 family history

The sites below focus on recording interviews with living family members (not on geneology, which is another, booming area of interest on the Web). The Association of Personal Historians seem to be mainly small businesses who help people record family memories.   

Center for Life Stories Preservation
In their words: 'The Center for Life Stories Preservation has been on-line since 1996...We're committed to being an ongoing resource for families and individuals interested in capturing their family and life stories.'

Association of Personal Historians
In their words: 'The Association of Personal Historians is an organization whose members are dedicated to helping others preserve their personal histories and life stories. '

Open University Family and Community History Home Page
Home page of the O.U. course for active or would-be researchers in Family and Community History

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diaries and journals

Mass-Observation Archive
The Archive, based at the University of Sussex, specialises in collecting writing by ordinary people about everyday life in Britain. It builds on the work of a social research organisation that was active from 1937 to the early 1950s.

The Diary Project
In their words: The Diary Project was launched in September 1995. The inspiration came from a young girl by the name of Zlata Filipovic, author of "Zlata's Diary; A Child's Life in Sarajevo," an internationally acclaimed book about her life growing up in war-torn Sarajevo. We invite YOU to record your thoughts and experiences.

In their words: ‘'Welcome to Diarist.Net, a comprehensive starting-point for both writers and readers of online journals. With new content every week and even more features in the works, we've got everything you need to know all about the people who tell all.’

The Open Pages
In their words: 'Welcome to the home page of Open Pages, a community of people who share their everyday lives online. Established in July of 1996, Open Pages is the premiere guide to the "scribe tribe" -- netizens who keep put journals, diaries, daily ramblings and sporadic babblings on the web.'

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other life story sites

In their words:just is a print and electronic publication; a collection of first-hand accounts from all parts of society-- administrators, recipients, workers, idlers, adults, children, the rich, the poor, the comfortable and the disenfranchised; stories, unique resource listings, and funny things.’

Real People, Real Lives
In their words: ‘ Behind each net address, a real person is busy living out a lifetime...I want to recognize and compile a list of truly personal home pages that tell real, honest stories about their creators. Here, then, are the real stories I've found so far...’ A list of links created by Gerry Manacsa

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