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The Greys

'One of the best pubs in Brighton, boasting a Belgian draught and live music'
Brighton University's Student Pages

Not only does the pub serve Belgian beer it also serves Egon Ronay recommended food prepared by Belgian chef Jean Paul.

'Customers can expect something different as the seasons go by... itís something they donít usually have in pubs. Itís good quality food, a quality restaurant and at a pub price...I think thatís what people come here for. Itís always had a good reputation for that sort of different approach to food, a friendly atmosphere and good beer. Itís a very good combination. A winning atmosphere.'

Jean Paul speaking on local cable TV show 'The Line'

'...thatís the nice thing about eating in pubs. You donít have to sit up straight, you donít have to leave and dash out at half ten to get a decent pint somewhere, you can relax more.'

Mike Lance (pub landlord)

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