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Stormy seas in Selsey
Images taken from the Evening Argus (local Brighton Newspaper)

 I just heard there has been tornados in Brighton? What are they like? In Finland we have quite boring weather, we dont have any special 'events' like tornados/hurricanes/earthquakes - not that I would want to have ;)
Collapsed wall 
The weather here has been very unpredicatable recently. Lots of gales 
and storms. Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went to the seafront as the sea was really wild...it had reached right up to the shops along the front. There has also been lots of hail storms which I seem to get caught in everytime I go out my door...and in Selsey which is in West Sussex there was a tornado which blew roofs off houses and generally proved very destructive...bad news for the insurance men 
Windows broken at the local school in Selsey  
There was a tornado in Selsey which is about 30 or 40 miles west of here. I don't think it was quite on the scale of the american mid west one but it caused a fair bit of damages and made national newspapers. We used to get occasional tornados in Essex, where I'm from originally, I think it must be something to do with the land being very flat.  

 We've had some bad gales in Brighton - but not as bad as the hurricane we had here in 1987. That was spectacular and very scary! It brought down thousands of trees as well as houses and we were without power  for ages.  

Firemen repair a collapsed chimney 

It's quite sunny today but the weather has been really strange recently; very bad gales, hail storms and rain alternating with very mild and sunny days. 

This construction worker was working a night shift on a building site in Selsey when the tornado hit in the early hours of the morning. He saved himself from being blown away by clinging to a bulldozer.
Yes, the weather here has been incredibly unpredictable at the moment. 

The sea in Brighton has been right up to the shops on the seafront and when you go out on the Palace Pier you're in danger of being soaked to the skin. It has mainly been hail and rain in Brighton - causing flooding but in other parts of Sussex especially Chichester in West Sussex there is severe flooding and in Selsey which is on the penisula in West Sussex there was a tornado which ripped off roofs and left a trail of destuction - although no-one was hurt (fortunately). 

It even destroyed Patrick Moore's observatory. (Patrick Moore is a mad, eccentric Astrologer who plays the xylophone, wears a monicle, presents programmes on the stars (one's in the sky that is) and lives in Selsey. 


I don't think Patrick Moore would be very pleased about being called an astrologer, I'm sure he would not want to be associated with what he would probably call a bunch of charlatans. He's an astronomer (i.e he
gazes at the stars rather than tries to predict the future by them!) He is an eccentric chap though - he writes books for the publishing company I work for. 
 It rains all the time in Britain. 

 The weather has been rather bizarre. Today is gloriously sunny and apparently the temperatures in London yesterday were higher than Kuwait
BUT last Wednesday there was a hale storm which left the street completely covered in white lumps of ice. (i stored a cup of it in my freezer just to remind myself). 

There were tornados in Selsey but not in Brighton - just rain, hail, gales etc.

It rains ALL the time here, it doesn't matter what month it is! (It does seem to always rain on bank holidays particularly!)