This slide shows Preston Park. I chose it because I think it gives an example of a summer evening in Brighton.When I first came here in the summer we found out that there were cycle races on the cycle track in Preston Park. We went down to have a look. There were quite a lot of people watching and an awful lot taking part. There were cycle races for different ages, from youngsters of about 8-9 years through to adults of all different standards. Some spectators were very interested, others were just passers-by who stopped to watch.
I'm interested in environmental matters. I try to recycle as much as I can. This slide shows a recycling depot in Brighton near my house. There seems to be a lot of recycling centres in Brighton which are within walking distance of your home. I took this slide because it shows people driving up to deposit their materials-which is counter productive. The fuel consumed and pollution produced out weighs the benefits of recycling materials.
This slide is a picture of Joanna in her back garden in October. It was very mild and sunny. She is still wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The family live in Rottingdean near Brighton. This slide is just an everyday example of her hanging washing out to dry in the sun. At the same time her brother was washing my car for me, well, he was meant to be but I found him in the drivers seat playing with the controls. When I drove off I found I had window screen wipers and hazard lights on!!!!!!

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