How I came to Brighton
I used to live and work in Hull. I took some time off to travel and came to live in Brighton on my return. 
What I like about Brighton
I like being near to the sea and to the Downs. Brighton itself has many facilities and interesting places to visit. There are a lot of interesting part-time courses available especially in Multimedia!
What I don't like about Brighton
There are many visible social problems. It is on the South Coast and it is a long drive to the North of England which I visit regularly.
Other information
I have been a primary school teacher for six years. I am currently involved within Development Education. I am beginning a primary age project to create teaching materials about Mexico, especially the geography and history of this country. Watch this space for 'links'. I enjoy travelling, cycling and am 'improving' my Spanish by studying for GCSE! I also am meant to be doing some voluntary work for EQUAFOR a Yorkshire based rainforest society when I have time link to EQUAFOR 

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