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Five seagulls on a seashore, which already says a great deal about Brighton...for a start the local, bravely unsuccessful,กก football team is known as the Seagulls. On a personal level birdwatching is my oldest hobby, going back forty years.It is a very grounding activity and keeps you in touch with the seasons and the natural environment - and your own inner rhythms. For me the high point of spring is when the first migrants fly up the Channel, and in autumn I watch them gathering to leave with sadness. 
Birds are beautiful and richly varied creatures and add a whole extra dimension to life.กก 
Brighton and Art! I read in a recent article that this is the most creative town in Britain, and that 2% of the population are practising artists. I originally studied at Brighton art college back in the sixties, but when I left I became interested in the academic side and studied the history of art at London and Berlin universities. For twenty years after that I lectured and wrote on the subject, but  now that I've returned to Brighton I'm getting involved with the practical side again. The art scene here is humming, and I go to classes at two centres, Evolution and Phoenix, which is where I took this picture. 
During the summer festival artists open their studios to interested visitors and it is fascinating to see the variety of work on show.
There are many aspects of life in Brighton-its criminal underworld featured in Graham Greene's famous novel Brighton Rock-but it also has a thriving alternative culture.I was 'initiated' into Transcendental Meditation in Kemptown twenty years ago and find it a useful aid to relaxation.Two years ago, at a time of crisis in my life, I became involved with Buddhism and found it provided an invaluable philosophy to life. In these uncertain times we need to cultivate the inner garden! There are two Buddhist centres in Brighton and many other meditation activities. I took this picture during a weeklong creativity course in the Sussex countryside which I really enjoyed.
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