Jonathan Sergeant


How I came to Brighton

I was born here. When left art school I moved to London and then to East Anglia when I married. After my divorce, two years ago, I moved back to Brighton and feel I am "starting life again" back in the old home town. 

What I like about Brighton.

I love the sea and the Downs, and the relaxed cosmopolitan atmosphere of the town. I also like the fact that Brighton is full of creative artists - "kindred spirits!". 

What I don't like about Brighton.

The traffic and the run-down "grunge" aspects of parts of the town, also sometimes it is dirty and shabby, and there can be a violent undercurrent. 

Other biographical information.

I studied art and art history, and have lectured and written on the subject for more than twenty years. I have also taught languages. I have many interests including travel, walking (with dog), meditation, different creative interests, cooking etc 
I still want to broaden my horizons, hence the interest in multimedia, which is very new for me.
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