This photograph is of a stained glass evening class and what they're doing here is stretching the lead. It's great that there are so many evening classes and courses you can do. The best part is being able to come home from your daily grind - whatever that happens to be and just do something which is quite different. I imagine that in your mind you could stretch out whoever you wanted in place of the lead in order to get rid of the frustrations that build up during the day.  Picture: stretching lead
 Picture: beach huts These are the beach huts down in Hove. Along the shoreline from Brighton into Hove and in Portslade and Shoreham, the little huts dot the coastline. They're uniformly simple -  but people can let their individuality show through by the different colours that they paint the doors. And they're in different states of repair as well. To me the photograph represents the different seasons in the town. In the summer they're open - people have their flasks and their deck-chairs and put up windbreaks to mark out their bit of territory. But at the moment the huts are locked up, waiting for next summer and just forming a nice back-drop to walk past.
During the summer we had a garden party for the residents of my street. Friends and neighbours met up to enjoy food and drinks and each other's company in the garden of a language school on the street. We had glorious summer weather which helped to coax more people out for the event and there were children's entertainers as well as masses of raffle prizes donated by local businesses.  Picture: people at garden party
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