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Picture of Shau-lan A few introductory words about

Shau-lan Chan

Contributor to Culture Spots
with Welcome to Hove!

How I found myself in Brighton...

After a couple of years of living in London, I fancied a change. Brighton appealed because I used to visit a friend down here and found the pace of life inviting.

What do I like about Brighton?

  • The diversity of pubs, clubs and shops; high. 
  • It's near London,  Gatwick Airport, Newhaven harbour, beautiful countryside and it's right by the sea! 
  • That cycle lanes have been introduced so cycling around town isn't such a daft option now...

(I like lots of other things about the place too - what I favour changes from time to time!)

What don't I like about Brighton?

  • Sometimes it feels a bit "small".... 
  • There's too many cars driving too fast. 
  • It seems very open here but you can still encounter narrow-mindedness and it's not very multicultural in a true sense.

Some extra information about me

I've lived in Brighton for seven years now. For most of that time I've been working for the University of Brighton. I have a few months left before I turn thirty (which I think I'm looking forward to). My formative years were spent in Cork in southern Ireland. I enjoy travelling - funds permitting - and also other things like reading, writing letters, going to the cinema (there's several in Brighton), meeting with my friends and learning how to make websites...