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I am Sam
Contributor to Culture Spots
with The West Pier: Past, Present and Future

How I came to Brighton

I moved to Brighton to escape from both London and my home town, Croydon, where I spent my formative years and made all my mistakes!

What I like about Brighton

I like living in Brighton because it is a place I consciously chose rather than it choosing me. Brighton, for me, is like a mini-metropolis by the sea.  

What I don't like about Brighton

The lack of work in Brighton has forced me to commute to Littlehampton and I hate the fact that travelling to and fro eats huge chunks of time out of my day. 

Before moving to Brighton I...

...did a first degree in Fashion Design at Newcastle Polytechnic but I decided not to pursue a career in Fashion because I found the people insincere (I like to kiss the people not the air behind their ears.)  

...worked for two years in a bookshop in my home town of Croydon  

...completed a year's Postgraduate Diploma in Publishing and Book Production at University of Plymouth based in Exeter.  

...worked as a Pop-Up Book Designer in Fulham, London. 

Sam I am
Photo of Sam Glen