And we went to Greenham (

that first time and I remember not really knowing..and that was before Greenham WAS Greenham. I went with my children on the coach and we got off the coach in the middle of the countryside it seemed, and walked round in a small demo and the only living creatures that could see us were cows and I said to Jonathon 'I don't really know what thIS is achieving' and he said, 'It will Mum'. There were a few vans with strange ethnic food of one kind or another. Then we came home again, listened to some speeches. Well that was that one; the others we went on were enormous.

In 1982, Jonathon went to Leeds University and in 1983 Mim went to York and they were members of CND at their Universities. Allie and I went to Greenham and it was an amazing thing - it was enormous and we walked all round the perimeter and we met Jonathon and Mim by chance.