Marigold was a passionat supporter of CND even before the Greenham Common campaign

Well, Jonathon was the oldest and he was political from an early age. He and some friends set up the youth cnd group after going to see...a film which I can't remember the name of, which was shown at the Friends Centre and they were all very impressed by it; I didn't see it (connects with Penny's calendar-Critical Mass). So, with the blessing of the CND they did set up a Youth CND movement in Brighton and it was good; it was very radical and they had a lot of members and they did lots. And we went to Greenham that first time and I remember not really knowing..and that was before Greenham WAS Greenham.

And then there was the big march in London, against Cruise missiles (1983). It was very well organised and, at one point we all stood still in silence and at another point we all sat down in silence, and it was like a huge wave. I can remember there were lots of police on that demo- they weren't terrible, nobody was ghastly to us or anything, but there were a lot of them there. We were near Berkely Square and I remember, we went round a corner and there was a mass of us, but no policemen and somebody in the crowd said, 'you know we could do anything now, and nobody to stop us'. And that really made me feel for a moment the power of a big group, an amazing feeling.


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Which is why, on that demo I was on recently - (the second one against the Iraq war), there I felt so cross because you could feel there was power, a big feeling, so many people, and yet I felt, powerless which I hadn't felt in those days.