Labour Party suspended in Brighton

And in the Labour party there were interesting things happening, because there was a bit of a Militant scare. In my ward, the Preston ward, there was a bit of an upheaval in the Labour party at that time.......


....listen to Marigold talking about this episode


Yes I think that's when it was suspended (1982 late/early 1983) and it was all to do with this business. There was a chap who was going to be ..'prescribed?' that the word, terrible word but I think that's what they call it in the Labour Party, anyway something was going to happen to him - nasty! I didn't necessariy agree with his views, but I didn't agree with what they going to do to him so I supported him. All I did, was say I don't think this should happen.


Then some time later, I had an arguement with someone over the telephone, ages later and he said well you were in a bit of trouble weren't you? and I realised he was referring to the fact that I'd supported this chap. Yes, it was a paranoid climate, they didn't like it. And that made me very cross, because I wasn't....During the suspension you couldn't have meetings though some people did - I'm not sure......I can't remember what happened when it was reformed, I think you could just go back, as far as I knew, and that's what I did.