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DOWN TOPS'L - the Story of the East Coast Sailing Barge
by Henry Benham
Published by George G. Harvey & Co. London
ISBN 0-245-50661-6

This book was sent to us in 1974 by Miss Eva Vandervord as she was fascinated by the number of Vandervord's that appear within its covers. It has taken us 30 years to develop the same interest. Mr. Benham had obviously done a tremendous amount of research into these sailing barges and we found his book a tremendous help and a good read!

by Richard-Hugh Perks
Published by Conway Maritime Press Limited
ISBN 0-85177-073-8

We would like to thank Mr Perks for the map showing the sailing grounds & ports of the Sprits'l barge.



by John Leather
Published by Allard Coles Ltd, Granada Publishing Ltd
ISBN 0-229-11594-2

His simple overview of a sailing barge made it easy to understand how the skippers and crews worked these barges, and we would like to thank the author for the use of his plan of a Sprits'l Barge.

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