Aston Pigott Farm

A 2003 Perspective

This website is based around an interview that I - Esther Gill - did with my mother Janet Gill in February 2002. The interview was undertaken as part of a Life History Course at the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sussex and indeed the development of this website is also part of this course. However, in the process of interviewing my mother about her childhood, I was reminded about how fascinating and to some extent unbelievable I used to find her stories.

It is not intended to be a formal life story, but rather a collection of memories, stories, textures, images, sounds. This reflects the ways in which I have heard these stories and seen these pictures during my life. I didn't hear my mother's stories as a narrative that started at the beginning and went on to the present, but rather the stories and pictures have been dotted throughout my life, and still are. In producing this website, I was shown pictures and heard memories that we had not shared before.

All of images, artefacts and memories on these pages have been saved, remembered and carried, both literally and metaphorically by my mother throughout her life. This website is one way to gather and record the rich textures of her life to date.

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Clogs worn by Janet Roberts
Aston Pigott Farm yard today
Wilfred and Ruth Roberts on honeymoon