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Josie told of how everyone knew each other, people left their doors unlocked (not like today), and how the community stuck together - there was a real community spirit. This reflects the account in Sheila Winter's book (Moulsecoomb Memories) about when Mrs Tucker had her purse stolen, the community rallied around and collected money. This event was reported in the local Argus. The group put this story in context and said that Mrs Tucker had her purse taken off her whilst visiting her husband’s grave. It was Josie who went door to door collecting money and ‘phoned the Argus!

The group reported that there has always been ‘community spirit’ in North Moulsecoomb. There have always been collections taken for relatives of people who have died, this tradition continues to the present day. Each of the group remarked on the ‘community spirit’. After having her twins twenty years ago, Josie was rehoused to Whitehawk. She returned to Moulsecoomb after three weeks. This is home to her and she is part of a very large family who all live nearby.

Gill used to live on a Neighbouring estate and was glad to get away because she felt the people looked down on her for having a large family. She said there is no such feeling in Moulsecoomb and is happy to live here. Gill added that she feels there is even more community spirit now than before because people show it more. “In the olden days you used to go to people for help, now they come to you.”

Lynn moved to Moulsecoomb five years ago. Worried at first because of the rumours, she was afraid to go out but after meeting residents and getting involved at St Georges Hall she has made a lot of friends. Her daughter Kadie added that she has loads of friends and really likes school!
Click here to hear Kadie and the group talk about 'community spirit' at the golden jubilee celebrations.





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