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Gill, Caron, Lynn & Carly

Gill, Caron, Lynn & Carly

Present Day
The residents interviewed spoke very highly of Caron Patmore, the community development worker employed by ‘New Deal’ , now ‘eb4u’. (East Brighton for You). When they first met Caron, they told her of plans to run a youth group at the hall. Caron loaned them eighty pounds to get started and helped them to fill out forms for funding a club. Caron also helped Josie fill out forms to fund Sunday evening bingo. Caron has made an enormous impression on the group supporting and encouraging them to get involved with various projects.


Maggie is wholeheartedly involved in the community. She runs the Friday night youth club (along with other volunteers), is secretary of the North Moulsecoomb Placemaking Group, sits on eb4u’s Education and Employment Steering Group; she’s a member of the Moulsecoomb Neighbourhood Trust and is training to be a community development worker!


Pauline runs a youth club on Wednesday evening for 12-18 year olds. Nowadays the kids like to play pool, sing karaoke and play on the dance machine.
Carly helps to run 'Dance Fever' - a dancing club for 5-10 year olds.

Jackie runs a youth group for girls, entitled 'Moulsecoomb Hearts'. They also have a groovy time dancing on a Thursday night.
Lynn is the current chair of the NMPG and member of many other committee's which are serving to improve the community.
Josie Hensby
Josie still heads up the Sunday evening bingo and Russell still cooks the best breakfast around. The hall is open every weekday morning for a fry-up! The Thursday lunch club at St George's hall is a roaring success with many attending.
Dave Barnard
Dave continues to be active (in his seventies!) and continues to be an advocate for people's housing issues as well as head up the annual Moulsecoomb Festival. He can be contacted at the Orchards Meeting Rooms in Moulsecoomb Way.

Much more has been achieved by those mentioned here, and other residents besides. These interviews have opened up a treasure chest of community history through the lives of individuals’ which would be fascinating to explore further. Oral history provides rich material for the historian in demonstrating individuals’ life experiences. This supports Paul Thompson’s theory that:
‘Oral history is built around people...it allows heroes...from the unknown majority of the people. It brings history into, and out of, the community’ (The Oral History Reader 1998 p. 28).

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