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About Our Conferences
Several times each year, the contributors to the 'Make Multimedia History' site hold a conference between the UK, Finland and other partner countries. Most people in the conferences are adults learning about the Internet, but anyone else is invited to take part as well!

The idea is to have a cross-cultural exchange in an informal way - just exchanging news and views. In December, 1997, when the first conference took place, the topics included paganism, ice sculptures, drink and the weather - but people taking part in the conference can explore any subject they want. If anyone subsequently wants to put up material on the Web about topics that have been discussed (or point to existing sites), that is very welcome.

The next conference is being held on Saturday, 10th April, 1999 (18:00 - 20:00, UK time). We're having a virtual dinner-party, with simulataneous meals being eaten in Finland and the UK.

The pages that were produced in the UK just before eating dinner can be seen here!. The pictures that we're taking during dinner can be seen here!


The Mailing-list
Welcome to the Make Multimedia History mailing-list! To help our conferences, we've set up both a mailing-list and a chatroom. The mailing-list uses the free service provided by www.egroups.com.

Subscribe to the list by entered your E-mail address in the box below. If you subscribe to the list, you'll receive any messages sent to the list in your mailbox. You can also look at the messages on the Web at www.egroups.com/list/mmhistory (messages sent to the group appear on the Web almost immediately).

You will receive a welcome message shortly after subscribing. You can then send your own messages to the list by writing to mmhistory@egroups.com

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The Chat-room
Welcome to the Make Multimedia History chat-room! This chat-room has been set up using the free service provided by Xoom. It's based on Java, and the code for this will take a little time to download. If your browser is not capable of using the chat-room, you can still take part in the conferences by using the mailing-list.

To use the chat-room, all you need to do is enter a User Name in the box below. Choose any User Name you like, but choose an unusual one (common names like Jim or Sarah have already been taken by other people who use Xoom, and are sometimes password-protected). Ignore the other boxes (such as the Your E-mail Address box). After you've entered a User Name, click on the button marked 'OK, Connect!'.

You'll see some text appear in the box telling you that you are being connected. Once, you're connected, a box will appear marked TYPE HERE. And off you go...

Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you will not be able to chat.