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A few words about
Mandy Collison
Contributor to Culture Spots
  • I have lived in Brighton for 13 years (I am originally from Essex).
  • I work as Book Production Editor for a publishers in Chichester.
  • One of my interests is yoga
  • I originally came to Brighton to attend Sussex University

What I like about Brighton
I like the easy-going atmosphere of the town. It's a lively place, though not too big. The town has some wonderful regency architecture. I also like it because it is by the sea, near the countryside and not too far from London.

What I don't like about Brighton
Sometimes it can be a bit too small (everyone knows everyone!) It is difficult to find interesting work in the town. Also, there are too many cars!

Images of my life in Brighton
Yoga, commuting, and pub quizzes.

My contribution to Culture Spots
A view of Hanover, an area of Brighton which is a pub-crawler's paradise