M.A.-Women in Education

I had already started the two year part time M.A. [ when I met Jenn]- Women in Education at Sussex University, and I really liked the sound of it. And it turned out to be the most wonderful, wonderful thing; I loved it - Carol Dyhouse and Jenny Shaw. It was a wonderful group of women- you could have men on the course, but there weren't any!and it was lovely.It was one of those moments that you really thought about feminism and I really began to think that there is a thing about a group of women talking about things together, people give each other time, and you can interrupt each other and as soon as you get a man into that situation, not always but often, something happens and it becomes this other thing. I read things I wouldn't have read and wrote things that I wouldn't have written. The course allowed us to talk about anything. We met once a week and it was hard work, because we were all working full time. Big reading lists, and difficult to get the books sometimes..for part time students who couldn't there was a revelation.



Ofcourse I was getting on by that time, only 6 years off retirement. Someone at my school said 'are you going for promotion?'...couldn't understand it was for myself. I hadn't written an essay for so long and they asked me to write one before I came on the course...the prospect was really daunting!