Feminism has been tremendously important..I will tell you this because it's an enormous guilt of mine that when people started talking about feminism (late 1970s/early 1980s), I don't think I had really thought what it was and because I felt quite secure in my situation I decided that really I wasn't a feminist; I believed in total equality but somehow saw feminism being, what it isn't, something which didn't include men and boys. I remember having a big arguement with Mim and she saying that 'ofcourse you're a feminist' and me saying 'no I'm not' and we had this great big arguement. Then afterwards, you know (when she'd died) I would have liked to say yes, you were right ofcourse...I just wished I'd said that

Marigold was the Equal Opportunities officer for the South East region of the NUT for several years and this is how she met Jenn(with whom she now lives.

If you think of education in its widest terms I suppose my union and the equal ops stuff I did was education- then I decided to do an M.A. This would have been in 1990 and it was about this time I met Jenn ( and all this tied up somehow). She came to some of my equal ops meetings, she was a member of the NUT.

Some Girls/Leeds Postcards 1984