getting around


Getting around - we used the buses; there were some wonderful bus routes. There was a lovely one, I can't remember the number but it used to come along Preston Drove; it was a circular route. Down Ditchling road and up Beaconsfield Villas. And there was a stop just outside my house. We could always use both the Ditchling Road buses and those which went up Beaconsfield Villas. I didn't really miss having a car. My friends would sometimes say you're lucky you don't have to do all this ferrying to and fro and I didn't. And my children, from an early age, could get themselves around Brighton on buses and from quite an early age they were pretty good in London.

Every half term after Rob had left (I couldn't afford holidays, only very occasionally). But every half term I'd go to London for the day with them and every summer we'd have one of those..oh they were lovely -in the 70s- runabouts for a week. I did it about 6 times.

Once we got the ticket that went East as far nearly as Rye and we'd go somewhere every day. Sometimes we'd have the day off, and just go to Lewes when it got a bit tiring. All the children would take it in turns to say where we'd get off.


At one time, in the 80s I did an evening class at Portslade Community college (as well as teaching pretty much full time)-for adults learning French. I taught that and I used to go on the 26 bus all the way from Fiveways. I used to prepare my lessons on the bus. I used to know when the bus was due because they weren't so frequent then as now and it would have otherwise meant a long wait in the dark.

Now, yes I still use the buses even though I've got access to a car since I've been living with Jenn. But I don't drive it, I could but I really don't want to - my personality isn't that of a driver. I do value some of the things that we can do, that I couldn't do before.When I had the children they were my life