shopping habits

I lived in Preston Drove; I had no car. The Fiveways was where I shopped and it had a good range of shops, better than it's got now but it's still not bad for a local shopping centre. I used to use the butchers in Ditchling Road and the Coop, I was a member of the Co-op. Bread -Ravens or Forfars (both still there). There was wet fish in Preston Drove near the fish and chip shop, for quite a long time there was one there. There were two butchers at one time; I think there was one further down Ditchling Road. Greengrocers..I could get everything there.

Occasionally, someone would say to me...(I had a whole group of friends from my time at the Fiveways playgroup which was at the end of the sixties- which we built) would you like to come with me in the car? I used to have parties at Preston Drove, my children's 18 th birthday parties, their friends and my friends. Sometimes we'd go to the supermarket and have a taxi home- very avant-garde I thought! But usually I used to 'pop up' and then stagger home.