quality of life

Marigold was born and brought up in Brighton, and although she lived in London when first married, both she and her husband (who had also been brought up in Brighton)found London dirty and wanted to move back

We both loved Brighton as a place and what happened was: Rob's parents lived here, and my mum (my dad had died by this time)- I knew lots of people here. Well, we came down on a holiday with Jonathon and I can remember walking down Dyke Road, because his parents lived round there somewhere, and I said to Rob 'The air's sparkling', and you could see the sea in the distance with the sun on it and we looked at each other and he said he thought he could do it (commute) so we moved. It was hard going at first but I would never move away - I love it; I'm rooted here, totally and completely.

The family lived first in Robertson Road (convenient for Preston Park station and Rob's daily commute) and then moved to Preston Drove. As a single parent (from 1974), and by then with four children, money was always scarce but Marigold's memories of the 1970s and 1980s focus on the pleasures of life with four children growing up in Brighton