sense of place


what's so special about Brighton?

Many residents would say 'the sea, the seafront, the two piers'.Marigold was born in Brighton and feels very rooted here

Rob was brought up near the sea (at Hull):

My step-father was a ship's captain in the merchant navy so the sea was a significant part of our lives.

But Rob hasn't stayed in Brighton because of the sea

No it's not the main reason at all to be honest. Throughout the summer I never venture (unless we have visitors), I never venture south of North Street, Western Road line and certainly not at weekends and never at weekends in the evenings.

No it's just I did when I first came here; it was a different world really. Today I can drink in a pub all afternoon. When I first came here the pubs shut mid afternoon and threw us out so we'd often buy a bottle of wine and go down to the beach, something which they are trying to make illegal now - street drinking, something which is quite unnecessary ...still

Rob stayed 9 months in 1971, then moved to Wales for about 9 months. He then returned, and has lived here since

Boardwalk cafe looking west-2003

I left Brighton for about 9 months and went to work in North Wales - for a while and then I came back. No where else to go really.....I met people I liked while I was here and certainly didn't want to go back to Hull. I'd had enough of working in North Wales and I had the contacts here where I could first of all lodge and then strike out from there

Though Rob loves wildlife and usually chooses to holiday in rural parts of UK, he feels he is basically an urban person and it is more this aspect of Brighton which suits him.

Fishing Museum and fishmongers - 2005