urban...or rural person?

This is a theme of repeatedly occurring discussions and I'm confident now that I'm basically an urban creature. I want a selection of a good six or seven decent pubs within walking distance - key. I can manage without a cinema and could probably manage without a theatre, you know as a thing within walking distance because I don't tend to use either very much but pubs and a choice of places to eat all within walking distance seem to me to be important. I can't find a way to do that in a rural setting as both involve drinking and driving which don't go together. Here there's Hanover area nearby, the Bugle, the Mitre, The Cobbler's Thumb..oh yes, a good collection of pubs.

Some of these - and more- at Brighton Boozers (www.mybrightonandhove.org.uk)

Rob lives almost opposite a pub - The Martha Gunn, one of the first buildings to appear in the Upper Lewes Road (mid 1800s?) and originally known as The New Inn. However, he rarely drinks at his local

When he and his first wife first moved in to the road, they visited The Martha Gunn but found that real beer (tamplins at the time) was more often than not,unavailable

When Rob first moved to this area in 1983 the road was much busier, and noisier than it is today

When we first moved in, this front room was the master bedroom and for the first week we treated it as such, before abandoning it because of heavy lorries late night. These disappeared with the building of the by-pass in ..1986? (Link to Brighton Bypass in timeline)

Then in the last few years with the one way system in Viaduct Road, I know the traffic dropped by 30-40% along this road - I did counts before and after the closure several times a day. So yes, its a much quieter road than when I moved in in 1983...

The Cobbler's Thumb, New England Road
This has been added since the photograph below - view the whole photo showing how this pub looks now