Round Hill

Rob moved to the Upper Lewes Road in 1983. At that time he had little sense of the Round Hill area which Upper Lewes Road borders

Well, I moved in in March 1983 and was very much a resident of the Upper Lewes Road.

He doesn't remember seeing either the Lewes Road Railway viaduct demolished or Cox's pill factory even though he remembers seeing the chimney before.

To be honest, I was here when it was developed but it was something I never actually saw happen. It's very odd because I knew what was happening ; I mean there was a branch in the railway line that went across the viaduct and the Lewes Road and on down to Kemp Town and this development took place on the land released by the removal of that line. Although I know that the viaduct came down I never actually knowingly saw it come down. I must have been here - I don't remember Cox's Pill factory coming down though I remember the chimney. Very odd, I don't know what my life was doing at that time but clearly being doctor's surgery was one block down the gryratory so I had connections but somehow I missed it coming down..quite startling


view of the Round Hill Conservation area  from top of Bear Road
The Martha Gunn pub in Upper Lewes Road
Upper Lewes Road with Cox's Pill factory chimney in view

At that time when I moved in, I only knew one person in the Roundhill area who was an active member of the cycling campaign who lived in Roundhill Cres. Very slowly...the Labour party gave me contacts in Roundhill because there were quite a few active members there.....

Setting up and developing the Round Hill Society (much later, around 2000) was an opportunity to create something with a real purpose