eating out


eating out

Eating out, I think we've always eaten out, within the limits of our budget at any given time. So we used to eat out in the 1980s at somewhere which is now called Blind Lemon Alley but I think was then called The Cottage (in Middle Street). Actually there were some favourite places in the 1980s

When I lived in Norfolk Terrace there was a wonderful place Bistro Vino on Western Road; its still there though its called something else. I thought that was a great place, it seemed to me to be everything I liked. The menu was good for years. More recently with a little more cash to spare....probably my favourite is that onePrompt Corner- bottom of Montpelier Road.

listen to Rob talking about Prompt Corner

A local favourite has always been, until recently, Bardsleys Fish and Chip Restaurant in Baker Street.

Actually of late we've tried to cut down on and don't really eat the white fish - cod and haddock, simply because of threatened stocks. So we don't go to Bardsleys anymore. We used to go there at least once a fortnight to eat in; a lovely fish and chip restaurant with a very entertaining manager/owner - always enjoyed that, but don't do it anymore.

Its a bit of a compromise - we still eat skate.

If my brother's here from California where they don't allow people to eat pork with fat on the outside, imposed health regime, then we always end up at Harry's Place for pork with crackling.

Food for Friends opened in 1981 and was a great success catering to the growing move towards vegetarianism. Rob however, is not a fan......
I used it once or twice in the company of others who've been regulars. Hardly at all, its too town-centre; I don't tend to go that far into town.