Rob was a vegetarian very briefly during the 1970s, partly for economic reasons-

To some extent the result of that is that we tend to eat, what I will call, better quality meat and less often. Until very recently I've used Mr Archer for meat in Islingwood Road; he's not organic exactly but free range animals that sort of thing. I tend not to go there that often now because the supermarkets have now got similiar products and they're more convenient.

Organic? well, I used to more concerned about that in the past when I was younger and might still be if I'd had children. But being selfish, that is making decisions for myself rather than others, I'm less concerned about it. It may reduce my life span by 10 or 15% but at 50 somthing, it doesn't really matter.


Bardsleys fish and chip shop in Baker Street

He is however very influenced by environmental factors like diminishing stocks of fish

Although white fish stocks have always been threatened, its only in the last..6/7 years become a big issue I suppose. In the 1980s it was issues around factory farming (as it still is)