shopping habits


shopping habits

Rob has always shopped day to day. He used to shop for fruit and veg at the Open Market and wonders why he no longer does

I used to use the Open Market a lot more which I don't now. I'm not quite sure why that is..except things don't seem to last too well from there. When I was working down at the Art college I used to shop on the way home. I've always shopped day to day, maybe do one bigger shop a week but then its only 3 shopping bags, it doesn't get any bigger than that - no car. Not often the supermarket though. Now when I lived in Norfolk Terrace it was Waitrose where I shopped

Although Rob remembers shopping at Waitrose, he maintains he rarely uses Sainsbury's which is located only a few minutes away from where he now lives.



The Open Market
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When he moved in to the road in 1983, Sainsbury's had not yet been built at the Vogue Gyratory

There used to be a cobbler's either opposite the chip shop opposite me or the next block along where the architect's is now. Locally, along this road I don't remember many more shops but the Lewes Road itself was a mass of small shops. There were 3 greengrocers, a wet fish shop, all sorts of things which have disappeared, but that's all really since the arrival of Sainsburys at the gyratory.