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Inside Guide to Brighton & Hove
Directions from Stanmer Park to Lewes
Take the No 25 Bus to Sussex University and get off either at Stanmer Park or the entrance to the University. If you want to go back to the introduction, click here

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Take a map: It helps you to get lost and makes you curious to do some more trips in the future. This walk takes about 4 hours.

Once you got off the No 25 bus at either Stanmer Park or University, walk along the road to Stanmer Village. You'll first pass Stanmer House on your left and then the Church on either side. This will lead you to a small road with houses and a farm (watch out for the baby cows in one of the yards and the cow-dung on the road).

Keep left at the junction and walk straight on. There you should see Stanmer Café on your right, but don't stop here or else you will never get to Lewes. If you walk straight on you will come to a gate with some signs of direction.

Broadly you will have to try and find a way that leads to the South Downs Way. You then walk along the ridge until Lewes. It is not possible here to describe the way, which leads across fields, meadows and through forestland. Depending on what season it is you'll have to conquer mud, cows, grown rape or wind. Views can be fantastic and there are a number of natural picnic sites.

If you have a map, the combination of your own navigation and the footpath-directions should get you there. And if you arrive in Lewis before 5 pm, you may even find a yummy tea-shop that makes you give up all your new year resolutions to start your healthy diet...

Public Footpath from Stanmer Park to Lewes
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