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Heike Wach

Contributor to the Inside Guide to Brighton & Hove.

portrait Heike Wach "Last year I came here to study "Gender and Development" for one year, but then I liked Brighton so much that I decided to stay for a while. This is quite an ambitious aim, since most jobs in development are in London or abroad. So now I try and enjoy as much of the sea and multi-cultural athmosphere as possible, while I am earning my living nursing children. You can view a close-up of the photo on another page."

Odjias from Cotonou "I adore Asian food and West African percussion. But there is more to it. During my working experience in Indonesia and Benin, I learned quite a bit about hospitality, generosity and different family values. Find out more about Odjias on another page". "

landscape near Brighton "My own roots and the image of trees go close together. I spent my first 5 years in a house surrounded by a forest, a huge adventure playground. Whenever I am back in Germany, I feel I have to go to the Harz Mountains to store up my energy. Are you curious to see what I think about trees close to Brighton?".

London-Brighton ride "I like moving around outside, by bike, on skies, skates or whatever. One of my early morning joys is passing traffic jams on my way to work. Unfortunately motorists, especially lorry and bus drivers, seem to have declared cyclists as their enemies, so it gets a bit dangerous at times. If you want to know what we were up to in June,click here."

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