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Kate Williams

Contributor to Culture Spots

How I came to Brighton

I travelled in Australia and South East Asia between 1988 and 1990, after I graduated from Keele University. Some friends I met up with in Australia came back to England ahead of me and moved to Brighton, where I followed when I ran out of money. I fell in love here, both with the town and someone in it, so I stayed.

What I like about Brighton

Brighton's small enough to live within walking distance of friends, pubs and clubs. It doesn't suffer too much from small town mentality, though. It keeps an open mind. The Royal Pavilion, my favourite building, is a camp, gaudy imitation of the Taj Mahal that reflects the town's character as a bit of a show off. No one seems to want to grow up here.

What I dislike about Brighton

The sea's too polluted and dirty to swim in. No one seems to want to grow up here.

Images from my life

Have a look at some of the things I like doing.

My contribution to Culture Spots

Club Caracol: a Brighton flamenco club