Mary's Story

Mary and Francis' Wedding 1970

Mary and Children 1972

Mary, Francis, Jeremy and Catherine on holiday in the Vendee

Catherine and Chris' Wedding November 2003, with Jeremy on left of picture

Proud mother of the bride!

So. here we are some 35 years later, four girls leaving school with our dreams and ambitions, becoming women with a lot of life behind us and still more dreams to be fulfilled. I left the Convent with respectable O levels and secretarial skills more refined than was necessary for the workplace, and went to work for a Japanese Bank in the City, where I was crass enough to look at the paycheque and not the experience. I soon moved to a Merchant Bank, which was more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Francis and I were married in 1970 and our first child, Jeremy. was a 'honeymoon baby'. Catherine was bom just under a year later! Some times it takes a couple of shocks to evaluate one's position. Francis is a Consultant Engineer in the Motor Trade, so life then, and now, is somewhat demanding — well what does a trained secretary do? We have worked together in his businesses since the children were bom.

When the youngsters finally decided what they wanted to do with their lives and became mobile, we felt we could expand our own interests. Francis into the property industry, and me. into whatever took my fancy — Open University, NADFAS. sewing, crosswords etc.

In 1989 we moved house again, well let's say we bought a derelict property with prospects. Still the work is ongoing and I know what the painting of the Forth Bridge is about!
We became involved with our Parish Church in Dorking, giving us a feeling of "belonging". Somehow, we are now Mass Collectors, flower arrangers and Parish Lunch providers!

Francis is a long serving Rotarian and I joined his Inner Wheel Club (a volunteer womens' organisation), once they moved to evening meetings - babysitter problems were then resolved. I have been very involved in the movement for some 20 years, becoming Club Secretary, President. District Secretary then elected Chairman for the Millennium. I am now the District Member of Council to the Association the Governing Body, a position I very much enjoy.

Our offspring travelled the world and became our 'boomerang children". Catherine is now gloriously married and living in Hove and Jeremy has just settled down with his girlfriend in Surbiton.
35 years. The years have been filled with many joys and happinesses.

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